CE Marking Certification Process Procedure

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CE marking stands for Conformity to Europeon. CE marking focus upon safety features of equipment and preventing any minor / major accident while handling the equipments.

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CE marking focuses upon safety features of the product to be CE marked which ensures that product is safe for use.
CE marking is a kind of mandatory certification for many of Europeon countries.

Europeon Union has developed various directives for products. Few of directives are machinery directive, Electro magnetic compatibility directive, Low voltage directive, etc.

Apart from directives, there are other standards also available which plays significant role in the CE marking process. These standards are known as Harmonic standards.

Product to be CE marked shall be mapped with applicable directives and applicable harmonic standards.

A risk analysis needs to be done for product to be CE marked for its compliance with directive / harmonic standard requirements.

Product may needs to be tested as per tests mentioned in the standard/directive. Testing may be done through external competent laboratory if inhouse facilities are not available.

Once all risks are mitigated /reduced /resolved, a technical construction file shall be prepared which covers all technical documents, test reports, photographs of the product, product specifications, compliance evidences with applicable directives / standards etc.

Technical construction file – TCF shall be reviewed by authorised person of the organization. A declaration of conformity – DOC shall be prepared and signed by authorised person.

Some times preparing a technical construction file with above details solves the purpose of CE marking. It need not to be further taken to any certification agency if the product doesn’t fall under CE marked by notified body. However it is recommended that once TCF is prepared, it shall be reviewed by a competent certification agency or certification agency shall be involved since begining of the CE Marking project. This will help in getting product evaluated with all applicable directives / harmonic standards. Also this will improve credentials of the CE marking.
Certification agency will issue a compliance certificate based on review of TCF.

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We can guide organizations in achieving CE marking product certification with following services.

1) Identification of applicable directives/ standards
2) Performing risk analysis
3) Suggesting tests to be carried out in the product to comply with the directive / standard requirements.
4) Supporting in preparation of technical construction file.